St. John, US Virgin Islands

The island of St. John is the smallest and quietist of the US Virgin islands. Two thirds of the 19 square miles is owned by the Virgin Islands National Park who maintains it and the surrounding waters.

Cruz Bay is the busier community on the island and it is there that the ferry from St. Thomas will bring you on your arrival. Most of the island's businesses, restaurants and shops are located there.

An 8 mile, 30 minute scenic drive east will take you from Cruz Bay to the smaller community of Coral Bay. Pull over and wave by cars who want to drive faster than you. You are enjoying the scenery but they may be trying to catch the ferry to St Thomas.

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The weather on St. John USVI does not vary much from November through to early spring - a pleasant 75 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit with cooling sea breezes. The hotter months are June through November when the temperature often rises into the high 80s and occasionally in August and September into the low to mid 90s. The wetter months are July through January. Early Spring and summer are the driest months but brief rain showers are common even then.

Clothing for this Caribbean Holiday should be light (preferably something that breathes like cotton) and almost always casual. Long pants are recommended if you plan to take advantage of the many hiking trails on the island of St. John. In the cooler months sleeves and/or a light wrap could be desirable in the early mornings and in the evenings. Bathing suits are meant for the beach and it is considered quite rude if you don't cover up while in the town of Cruz Bay or the community of Coral Bay.

Island life is Slow, Easy and Polite. It is important to greet everyone you meet with a smile, a "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon" or "Good Evening" before starting to do business. These pleasantries are customary and important for the people of the Virgin Islands.

Many St John businesses have seasonal opening hours, also many have modified their service as a result of Covid restrictions. Please call ahead and confirm opening times.

Coral Bay Dining & more...:

Although the majority of business are found in Cruz Bay there are still many fine dining & shopping spots in an around Coral Bay.

  • Miss Lucys : 340-693-5244... Only a short walk along the beach from the villa, Miss Lucy's offers beach side dining with delicious West Indian side dishes. Tues-Sat lunches & dinners; Sunday brunch with live jazz; full moon party each month.
  • Pizzabar {in paradise} : 340-201-1183... Real Pizza, and in paradise! Can it get any better than this? Only a short drive from Siempré Azul. Dine-in or take out. Open 4PM - 9PM weekdays.
  • Ekaete Pink Corner : 340-244-8583... Soul food, Caribbean style, great vegetarian options. Open daily 10AM – 8PM
  • Rhumb Lines : 340-776-0303... Rhumb Lines is a fusion of the flavors of Caribbean and Pacific Cuisine. Open 4PM - 9PM, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. For resevations Text: 340-344-7717
  • Lime Out : 340-643-5333... Lime Out is a floating taco boat that is accessible only by water. Complete with tacos, craft cocktails from a floating bar. Open 11:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Love City Café : 340-473-6228... Offering cappuccino, lattes, espressos, smoothies, frozen coffees, and much more. Open 6AM - 2PM

    Skinny Legs Complex:

    • Skinny Legs : 340-779-4982... The word famous Skinny Legs is a laid-back, family friendly bar and grill with great food, great drinks, great prices and great atmosphere
    • Connections East : 340-779-4994... friendly mail service, internet access, postal supplies, fax/scan capabilities, the often needed notary public, and lots of local knowledge.
    • Mumbo Jumbo : 340-779-4277... Eclectic gift shop -Toys, beach stuff, sandals, brand name surf wear, t-shirts, games, sweets and good vibes. Open Monday-Saturday from 11AM - to 4PM.

    Cocoloba & Isola Shoppes:

    The Cocolobo & Isola Shoppes sit side by side on Rt 107
    • Island Host STL Concierge : 321-421-0499... Island Host STJ Concierge is a full service, personalized, on-island concierge service serving all of St. John. They will be glad to assist with all your vaction need while staying at Siempré Azul. Open 10AM to 6PM
    • Wok on the Beach : 340-693-3133... Asian Fusion Restaurant. Livley atmosphere, eat at the outdoor bar or on the patio, great reviews. Check out their Facebook page. Open 4PM to 8PM Daily, closed Tuesdays
    • Jolly Dog : 340-776-1440... T-shirts, Hoodies, SPF shirts, Boardshorts, Hats, Reef Safe Sunblock, Drinkwares, Sunglasses, Sandals, Gifts etc! Open 10AM to 6PM
    • Salty Mongoose Rum Bar and Pizza Grill : 340-643-8486... New York style Pizza topped with shaved quality meats, local produce and fresh seafood. Call for hours.
    • Aqua Bistro : 340-776-5336... Call or go online for the latest opening times.
    • Zemi Island Designs : 340-776-1440... Local Island Hook Bracelets, Larimar jewelry, South sea pearls, Wreck coins, Amber, Gemstones, petroglyph jewelry. Open 10AM to 6PM
    • SpaLaLa : 340-514-3094... SpaLaLa is a full service spa offering massage, hair and nail services, at Spa or in Villa. Open 7 days by appoinment only.

Scuba, Snorkling Gear and Excurions

  • Busy Bee Watersports : 340-201-4858... PADI dive and snorkel shop. Private scuba diving trips, dive and snorkel gear for sale or rent, tank fills, Scubapro gear service and more. Open 8AM-4PM .
  • Crabby's Watersports : 340-714-2415... PADI dive and snorkel shop, Private scuba diving trips, Kayaks for rent and a full line of quality snorkel gear to buy or rent. Next to Cocolobo Shops.

Dining in Cruz Bay.

Cruz Bay has a large variety of resurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. There is a good selection within a short walk from the ferry dock.Many are just walk in, but to be sure of a table, always check to see if they will take a reservations. Below is just a sample of what Cruz Bay and surounding area has to offer.

  • Morgans Mango : 340-693-8141... Caribbean cuisines— Creole, Bahamian, Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto Rican and Mayan ... and more. Open 5:30 PM- 10 PM
  • La Tapa : 340-693-7755... Small restaurant vibe with a variety of delicious tapas.. Local fish and vegetables with a nightly changing menu that reflects the availabilityof ingredients. Open 5:30 PM- 10 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.
  • Lime Inn : 340-776-6425 ... Casual but great dining ... tropical garden setting. Grilled local lobster, steaks, fish etc. Lunch 10:30 AM - 3 PM ... Dinner: 5:30 PM - 10 PM
  • Zozos Restaurant : 340-776-9200 ... Classic Italian fare on the waters edge at Caneel Bay. Wine and Dine while watching the sun set. Call for reservations and opening times.

Catering, Delis and Markets around the Island

    Coral Bay

    • Calabash Market : 340-775-7172... Calabash Market is is a small but well stocked market with a selection of wines meats,fish and vegetables etc. It is the closest market to Siempré Azul on Rt. 107. Open 7 days 7 AM -10 PM.
    • Dolphin Gourmet Supermarket : 340-776-5327... At the Cocolobo Shops. Good selection of prepared foods, top-quality meats and wines. Place an order online They also offer delivery. Open 7AM - 10PM daily.
    • Love City Mini Market : 340-693-5790... Well stocked with all your favorite snacks. Eggs, Milk, Ice Cream etc... all the covenience store staples. On Kings Hill Rd near Rt. 107. Open 6:30AM- 10:30PM

    Cruz Bay

    • Starfish Market : 340-779-4949... Starfish Market is St. John’s largest supermarket. They have a full deli and meat department, fresh produce, in-store bakery, wines, spirits and beers. Starfish Market has online shopping and delivery. Open 7.30AM - 8PM daily.
    • Dolphin Gourmet Supermarket : 340-776-5327... At the trafic Circle on Center Line Road. Good selection of prepared foods, top-quality meats and wines. wines. Place an order online and pick up en-route to the villa. They also offer delivery. Open 7AM - 11PM daily.
    • Midway Supermarket and Deli : 340-473-6991... Halfway between Coral Bay and Cruz Bay, Midway Supermaket is is a small but well stocked market with a deli serving hot food. and sandwiches. It is good place to stop for "Beach Lunches" if your planning a day on the north shore. Open 7AM - 8PM.
Catering: An alternative to dining out is dining in. Have a taste of paradise on the balcony! Catering to your whims and fancies are several companies. Island Host Concierge will be able to assist in finding catering services to meet your needs.

Beaches & Hiking on St. John


St. John is beach heaven. The most popular and most famous beaches are located on the North Shore Road such as Hawksnest Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Maho Bay and a favorite with locals is the Francis Bay beach.

The south shore beaches are found just a short drive from Siempré Azul There you will find two of the local favorites: Salt Pond Beach and Lameshur.

If you don't mind a short walk go to Salt Pond bay and after some great snorkeling and a little sunbathing follow the trail at the end of the beach which will take you to Drunk Bay or out on the point to Ram's Head where you will be rewarded with a fabulous view above the surf.

Some smaller but delightful lesser known beaches can be found along the drive out towards East End. Hansen Bay Beach is a gem!... it can be seen from Siempré Azul, directly accross the bay. This as a private beach but all are welcome. A small donation is requested for parking and the use of the beach for as long as you want. You will be greeted by Thalia, who will show you around. Kayack paddle boards etc. are avaible with additional donations.


St. John is two-thirds National Park and is an ideal hiking island. The Virgin Island National Park hiking trails are the perfect place to explore Caribbean flora, fauna, and history. Be sure to pick up a map showing the network of trails. You can get one at Virgin Islands National Park Visitors Center in Cruz Bay (340-776-6201). You can also sign up for a choice of guided walks.

Another great source for the most up to date hiking information is Off The Beaten Track , written by Gerald Singer, a long time St. John resident and hiking enthusiast. In addition to hiking trails, the book has chapters on St Johns Beaches and Snorkling spots.

A good pair of hiking shoes is a must, also light loose fitting clothing, a hat, bug repellant and lots and lots of water. The Nationl Park recommends half a gallon of water per person per hour. Remember, dehydration and heat stroke will really spoil your day! Be prepared and take all the necessary precautions, and also remember, there is no safe drinking water available along the trails.